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Company Profile 

With precision... and with passion!

GPS.PL is transferring advanced (satellite) positioning and  (inertial) orientation technology - mainly to integrators, geomatic companies and reaserchers, in Poland and neighbouring countries. We focus on being professional and thus help customers to succeed with our solutions.

We welcome to utilize our over 20 years of GNSS experience. Being in close contact with world's best experts in our field, we are able to add value to our products by customised training, tech support and repair services.

In GPS.PL we remove obstacles on a way to our customers success. Problems are quickly solved  - in the same time introducing procedures to prevent them from repeating in the future.

Below we show formal letters of refferal form well-established institutions received after many years of good cooperations with GPS.PL:

Krakow Geophysical Co.   |   PIAP   |   more

  • the team

    Our team has many years of experience in GNSS and INS. We offer consultation, user training, technical support and repair capability. GPS.PL employs Trimble Certified Mapping Trainer and telecommunication specialist.

  • customers

    Operating in Poland and central Europe, we focuson B2B sector (companies and institutions).  In Poland GPS.PL supports over 1000 GNSS RTK users. Our customers are also located in Czech Rep., Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

  • office

    Our comfortable office with repair center, test lab, and GNSS reference station is located in Krakow, southern Poland. Krakow is well connected city with international airport. We have reserved parking spaces for customers.

  • technology: GNSS

    Our domain: high precision navigation and positioning with GNSS satellites.

  • technology: Inertial

    Our second domain: 3D-orientation and stabilisation with inertial gyros and IMUs.

  • Motion Capture

    We supply solutions for Motion Capture for film, game development and science.


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Achievements & Partners.

  • 2003-2006

    We created franchising system for production of soil maps useful for Precision Farming, and delivered 200 thousand hectares of mapping services for leading farms.

  • 2005-2008

    In close cooperation with Polish State Forests we intrduced automated spray control avionics for aerial forest protection services. Our system bacame de facto standard.

  • 2007-2009

    We conducted series of tests for inregrated GNSS + INS road surveying  system and we delivered this solution with success to several companies and researchers in Poland.

  • 2010-2011

    GPS.PL delivered minaturised INS-based  Motion Capture, biomechanics and orientation systems to  members of TALOS and PROTEUS projects.

  • 2009-2013

    Partnering with CHC from Shanghai, we introduced economical and reliable RTK systems to hundreds of Polish surveying companies.

  • 2011-2013

    GPS.PL trained staff in Sweden and China and started central Authorised Repair Center for mobile devices.

  • 2014-2016

    For international corporate customer, we have equipped large fleet of Mobile Mapping cars with SPAN RTK+INS systems.

  • 2017

    In 2017 we have moved to the new, comfortable office in Krakow, well connected with airport and the A4 highway.

  • NovAtel

    Hexagon Group company.
    GNSS Market Leader.

  • Waypoint Group

    Hexagon Group company.
    GNSS + INS software.

  • Antcom

    Hexagon Group company.
    GNSS antennas.

  • TerraStar

    Hexagon Group company.
    Satellite corrections.

  • VectorNav

    Miniaturised MEMS.

  • STT

    Motion Capture.

  • Chronos

    Protecting P.N.T. 

  • iMAR

    Advanced MEMS/FOG stabilisation.